Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Decorating

It is time to do some decorating 
 I like to help with the tree decorations - but this giant green light is so bright.  I'm wearing my clown jammies with peppermint candy print, green with white dot print and strings of popcorn and cranberry print.  My slippers match.

 I'm helping to put up these bell lights - of my, I'm all tangled up - and I seem to have lost one slipper
  Pretty roses - do you think I have a secret admirer?
 My hair clips are red and green christmas bows

 We have lots of christmas critters - I like to keep them in this giant basket

Next week one of my sisters will show you more christmas decorations - we have a good time at our house for the holidays.

Have you been to visit Diane yet?  Her dolls are wearing clothes made of the same fabric.  And Candy has a delightful Thanksgiving story featuring her dolls.

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