Friday, December 4, 2015

A Surprise in the Mail

A surprise in the mail - I love surprises in the mail.  A package arrived a few weeks ago from my blogging buddy Candy - she has the most fabulous blog all about table settings and her fabulous collections of dishes and accessories - you can spend days reading through and looking at all the wonderful photos.  She also is a sewing buddy - one of my friends that makes doll clothes for our 18" Madam Alexander dolls - and can she ever sew. She has a second blog just about her dolls.  You've just got to see all the wonderful things she has sewn for her dolls.  When Candy does something she does it spectacularly and her blogs are proof.
The package had so many fun things - I can't wait to start sewing with them
I loved the jacket she sewed for one of her dolls from this pattern and she generously sent me the same pattern.  My dolls will be so happy with their new jackets and coats
 And there are even knit and crochet versions - I must try those. 
 There were three fabrics in the package - all three of my dolls want outfits using this paper doll fabric (Donnie Doll wants a shirt with cowboys and horses on it - or penguins)
 Elastic ribbon - hmmmm, how shall I use that?  I know it will got well with the paper doll fabric.  I've never seen elastic ribbon before.

 Dotted Swiss fabric.  This fabric was first produced around 1750 in Switzerland and was sometimes called Swiss Muslin.  I think a pretty summer dress would be perfect in this fabric.
 And pretty ribbons and trims - perfect to go with the Dotted Swiss
Or maybe Donnie Doll would like a shirt with ice skates and ice fishers on it - that would be perfect - next thing you know, they will be wanting ice skates.

Thank you Candy - I love everything in the package.

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