Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - on Saturday - Happy New Year

Christmas is a busy time - so much going on - and the dolls are right in there - getting ready for the big day.
 Finishing up decorating the tree and 
wrapping the gifts
 Donnie has a new christmas shirt - red is 
just the color for the season

 Sally Jo and Abbey are dressed in their 
favorite holiday outfits too
 And Poppy loves her christmas clown jammies - perfect for decorating the tree
 Don't you love Donnie's new shirt?  And look - are they all wearing elf shoes with
 jingle bells on the toes?

 And Miss Poppy Sunshine has changed clothes and is wearing pretty fabrics - Bubble Lights and green with tiny white dots.  And for fun - a bit of Donnie's shirt fabric in the layered ruffles on her apron..
Poppy loves ruffles on her apron.
 Let's cook something for christmas.

 Donnie - where are your shoes?
 Would you like a taste, Donnie?
 If it is still hot you could use one of my oven mitts.
 I'll share - who wants a taste? 
 Oh Poppy - what have you made for us?
A sweet gingerbread house!!  You are so clever Miss Poppy.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Decorating

Only a few days until christmas - I must get the tree decorated

 And take a picture of the tree

 A basket of gifts for under the tree

 Aren't you excited about the holidays - gifts are such fun to wrap and put under the tree
 My new dress is of red marbled fabric and white with red dot - nice puffy sleeves with lace.
Be sure to stop at Diane's and see her new holiday friends.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Getting Ready for Christmas

It is time to do some decorating 
 I like to help with the tree decorations - but this giant green light is so bright.  

I'm wearing my clown jammies with peppermint candy print, green with white dot print and strings of popcorn and cranberry print.  My slippers match.

 I'm helping to put up these bell lights - of my, I'm all tangled up - and I seem to have lost one slipper
  Pretty roses - do you think I have a secret admirer?
 My hair clips are red and green christmas bows

 We have lots of christmas critters - I like to keep them in this giant basket

Next week one of my sisters will show you more christmas decorations - we have a good time at our house for the holidays.

Have you been to visit Diane yet?  Her dolls are helping to decorate too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

Time to set the table.
 This year we'll be using my vintage Franciscan Apple dishes - an anniversary gift in September from Don, for our 52nd anniversary.

 Crystal apple bowls complete the setting.
 Shiny silver serving spoons - see previous post for how to get your silver back to sparkling without the hours of polishing.

 A lovely apple teapot - from my collection - goes perfectly with the Franciscan Apple dishes
And crystal apple serving dishes.
 And some helpers to get the table ready - Sally Jo is arranging the silverware
 Abby likes to help with getting things in just the right order
Kyla and Poppy share their chores
 Donnie - don't sit on the plates!!!
 But the girls were standing on the table!
I'm ready for some Thanksgiving food

 Setting up for the dessert buffet - plans are afoot for pumpkin custard, cranberry nut bread, pecan tarts and sugar cookies.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

And now, back to preparations, next is baking the pecan tarts and frosting the cookies.
Happy Thanksgiving from all the gang - and the little plate sitter.