Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Surprise

We are taking a little break from Clara and her new wardrobe this week - to show a wonderful surprise that I received.

A lovely package came in the mail this week - from my friend Candy, who also collects dolls and sews beautiful clothes for them.  Be sure and visit her to see all her new dolls and their wonderful outfits.

She said she had a few small things to send me - oh my - what a great collection of small things.

 Stacks and stacks of fabrics - stripes, dots and checks
 Plaids and fancy prints
 Lots of pretty flowered fabrics - the pink with blue flowers is corduroy
 Fancy flowers
 And lace fabric and lengths of pretty lace edging

And then
 Five new patterns - so many new outfits to sew for my dolls - they are excited to see all the choices
 A wardrobe of old fashioned outfits
 Fun vintage patterns
 Pretty, pretty dresses
 And lots of outfits

And the  biggest surprise of all
A new doll - to join the others I have.  Her name is Kyla and she has lovely curly brown hair.  She can't wait to join the others in all their fun.

Isn't that a fun package?  And what a wonderful friend - thank you so much Candy.

And now a new project of clothes for the dolls.  I think the red plaid will made great shirts, perfect for a day at the stables with pony.
And I am going to pick different fabrics and trims to make dresses for all the dolls - using the pattern second from the right, top row.  It will be fun to see how different the dresses look in different fabrics and trims. They'll all be ready for summer in their new dresses.

Thank you Candy - we all had such fun opening the package and making plans - and Kyla is happy to be among her new friends.

And visit Diane to see her new doll.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Clothes for Clara

 My friend Julee has a great-niece that lives in Denmark - she will be having a birthday in Septemer.  I had the fun of making a wardrobe for Clara (the doll in the red/white/blue outfit below).  Everyone wanted to share in showing off the new wardrobe before Clara heads off to Denmark.
A summery sunsuit for Clara and  Poppy is wearing a jungle print sundress with a matching bag. Where are your shoes Poppy?
Donnie joins in the fun!  Sally Jo is wearing the RWB sunsuit and Abby has the jungle print sundress with a white t-shirt. 
 Red white and blue stripes and stars - great for summer fun at the park or the beach
 Everyone changed clothes except Donnie - he does need some new outfits for sure - maybe some shorts and shirts that match

 Everyone loves aprons, hats and bags - for the beach, shopping or cooking up some summer treats.
Now let us go and visit our sweet Diane and her sweet dolls.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pretty Dresses for Clara

More pretty clothes - all of them are going to Denmark with Clara, to her new home.  My friend Julee has a great-niece that lives there - and her birthday is in September - so Clara and her wardrobe will be winging their way soon.
 Abby is showing off her new red and tiny white hearts skirt, blouse and froggy vest (and hearts on her shoes) - Sally Jo has a purple fairy bubble dress and matching bag and Clara is in a pink/black cat bubble dress with matching bag.

 Switch dresses - don't we all look so pretty?
 Abby - pink bubble dress and purple bubble dress
 Poppy Sunshine
 Sally Jo
 Hi girls!
 It looks like you are all ready for a party - would you like me to bake you some cookies in this pretty bumble bee apron?
 Donnie wants to join the party too - Donnie loves cookies
 We love pink dresses and bags
 And purple fairy ones too
Here's an extra bag of cookies to take on your trip to Sweden, Clara - you will have so much fun in your new house

Candy has an amazing post about dresses and dolls - you must see it.

And don't miss our lovely Diane and her sweet dolls.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A New Friend Named Clara

Well - another two weeks away - time for more posting.  I've been reading blogs when I have a few minutes - enjoying them all.

And now for the Wee Ones.
We have a new friend - her name is Clara and she is getting ready to leave for Denmark, where she will have so much fun with a sweet little girl. 

My friend Julee has a great-niece in Denmark who is having a birthday in September and I got to make all the clothes for Clara.

 Clara has pink boots and a wonderful pink cowgirl outfit to match.
She needs lots of clothes when she goes to Sweden - so we are helping her model all the new things.  
She does like our pony - just the thing for a pink cowgirl.
Well, here's Donnie - just in from his baseball game - "Hi Clara".
Would you like to ride our pony?
She's very gentle - let's start out with a walk
Go Clara and pony!
Donnie has changed out of his baseball uniform - he's ready for a day on the farm.  
Nice hat Poppy!!!
What happened to Poppy's hat?
Oh silly Donnie 
 Do you think this matches your outfit?
 Clara likes the apron, hat and matching bag.
It's fun helping show Clara's new wardrobe.  Come back next week,
 there is a lot more to show.

And stop over and visit Diane for more dollie fun!