Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wednesday Wee Ones - on Thursday

I lost a day this week - actually I lost a week this month - but let's just stick with losing a day.  Thinking today was Wednesday, I planned to have a doll post  - and realizing it is Thursday - decided to do it anyway.

I've been crocheting doll clothes most of the spring - and finally finished outfits for everyone.  Long dresses, like we used to wear in the early 70s.  The dolls think they are great fun - and enjoyed a day in the sunshine on the deck.
 Sunshine and flowers - and pretty new dresses

Abby, who is standing behind you?  Is this a new friend in our group?
It is me, Candace Diane, your new sister.  I came from a yard sale - and I didn't look this good to start with.
Someone got loose with some scissors - and look what they did to my hair - oh my, I was a mess for sure.
But look at my new do - I'm a Ginger and I think it suits me so well.  Don't you agree?

Poppy Sunshine and I are going to pick some fresh flowers in our little pails.  We are so fetching in our summer hats.
 Look. Abby, I have some cute kitties!  Oh Kyla, they are just adorable.
Samantha, Sally Jo, Poppy Sunshine 
Abby, Kyla, Candy D. 
 Summer straw hats are perfect for our new crocheted dresses.

 Sally Jo, let's play catch with the beachball!

Oh Samantha - what a nice tray of sandwiches - let's share with the other girls.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Play Ball!

Monday was Opening Day for the Seattle Mariners - and the kids got all dressed up in their uniforms to celebrate the day.

 We're ready for the game
 Play ball !!!!

 Sally Jo is taking pictures of everyone

 Poppy and Abbey wave their pennants

 Bat, ball, cap, sneakers - yep, Donnie is ready.

 Hurray for the home team!

Great game !
 High Five!

Do you have a favorite baseball team?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We're had a very  nice Valentine's Day 
We hope yours was wonderful too.
 We have a basket full of Valentine's  - our friends are so sweet to send them to us

 We can't pick a favorite - we love them all
 And our new book of Valentine paper dolls - we will have so much fun

 Oh Donnie - you silly boy 
you photo bombed our picture

Donnie likes cowboy Valentines

 And now we'd like to put on our aprons and bake you some cookies 
it is time for a Valentine's party
 We're ready
 Heart shaped cookies are perfect

 Careful - they might be hot

 Happy Valentine's Day 
we hope yours was just as wonderful as ours
Donnie says happy Valentine's Day too

Do visitCandy Valentine's fun.