Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Winter Tea Party

Another adventure with  Poppy Sunshine and her best friend Abigail Clarissa Wellington-Jones 
 Fashionable winter clothes - this is just the weather for it - cold and blustery outdoors.

 We had a nice walk - now for a little quiet time.
Miss Abigail, I've baked some cookies, would you like to come to a tea party?
 Oh I do love cookies - but first let me change into a tea party outfit.
 Do you like this with the hat?

 Or without?
I do adore your hat Miss Abigail - might I try it on?
 I have a new baking outfit too - the ruffly apron keeps me nice and clean
 Please come in Miss Abigail
 Thank you Poppy Sunshine, the cookies look delicious, and your baking mitts are ever so cute.
 Let me pour us some tea to go with our cookies

 The lovely pink tablecloth was a gift from a dear friend,  Candy, who lives in Ohio.  She has very pretty table settings, we should visit her often.

Thank you Poppy, I had the best time.

Diane at Lavender Dreams has several other links to visit and see wonderful dolls - plus her darling jammies and night gown that she has sewn for her new dolls.  Join us for some Doll Talk.

The dolls are Madam Alexander and are available from Amazon - the cookies were actually made by my Grandson Ben.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Craft Fair is Coming

My friend Julee and I do a craft fair each December - we work on items all year.  This year I decided to make accessories for American Girl Dolls. We both have a doll (well, I have 2) and so it is fun to make things for the dolls to wear.

 Flip Flops and spring baskets - lots of colors to choose from.

 Squiggly scarves - one for dolly one for "mommy" of dolly
 I've already sold quite a few of these and have orders for more - good thing I liked making them and made a box full, in lots of fun colors.
 Pumpkin hats and matching trick-or-treat baskets
 I love the stem on the pumpkin hat.
 Lots of bracelets for dolly and mommy - made with the Rainbow Loom - that thing is addicting - I spent a lot of time on the deck this summer making bracelets - what fun!!!
 Flower design bracelet
Three sizes - from left to right - "grandma of doll", "mommy of doll" and dolly.
 Besides the pumpkin hats I made a few more crocheted hats for sporty occasions.  Right now I'm working on hats on the nifty knitter loom - one is a red and white candy cane striped hat - I'll show that to you later, when the hats are done.
The dolls are waiting to be dressed in their winter outfits so they can show off the new items at the craft fair.

Do you do craft fairs?  What do you make? 

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