Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our New Spring Outfits

Happy Hoppy Easter - we are all decked out and ready for an Easter Parade.
 We're having our pictures done today in the garden - at the end it rained really hard and we had to scamper indoors.
 We liked Diane's dolls with flowers in their hair and we wanted some too
 Abbey has  pretty dress with rick rack and a shoulder bag to match

 Donnie brought you a pretty bouquet of flowers
 An Easter Egg Hunt is such fun - shall we pet the bunny?
 Poppy's Bubble dress has a matching bag

 Sallie Jo also has a Bubble Dress - and a bag with bunnies.

Happy Hoppy Easter - do you have some pretty dress-up clothes too?

And more fun with dolls

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

We're all dressed up in our St. Patrick's Day outfits - lots of green and shamrocks.  Faith 'n Begorah 

 Some green hats - come join the party
 Would you like a mint milk shake?

 Maybe a little shopping, with our new 
bags to match our outfits

 New surfer shorts - where's the beach?
 Capris for springtime - and new white crocs
 Poppy will bake us some cookies 
in her shamrock apron
 Dance an Irish Jig!

And look what we found-a daffodil tree! 
It's a pot of gold!

                     Lots of dolls to visit today


 Apron - McCalls 6451 - bottom right
T-shirts - top left
 Skirt and bags - Simplicity 3936
Capris - Butterick 600 - top center
Pattern for Capris was adapted
to make the surfer shorts

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Decorating for Spring

Sometimes I need a little help decorating - and there are plenty of willing hands
 Abby and Poppy like to start early
 Sally Jo and Donnie are not far behind

 All dressed up in their favorite spring outfits

 Surely the warm weather can't be far away

 Ready for spring
 Wonder if those are chocolate bunnies in there

 We're all finished decorating - don't you think we did a fabulous job?

Lots of dolls to visit today

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Let's Scoot on Down to the Barn

I have something new today - you want to ride on my scooter?

 Watch me go like the wind
 Do you want to go camping with me?  Come on over.
 Away we go!!!
 I have a new wagon too - I like red!
 Let's load up the wagon 

 We'll go over to the stables - maybe pony is there. 
 I'm ready for pony with a bucket full of oats 

 Hello pony!!
 A bucket of oats for pony
Thanks for coming by - do come again - we'll load up the wagon with all sorts of fun stuff.

Do visit Diane for more doll fun
Another new friend - Danice - has a darling doll to show today.