Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Halloween

We're all dressed up in our Halloween outfits - let's go shopping for some candy!
 I'm Abby - my purse and my vest match
 My vest is reversible - I borrowed Poppy's purse to go with the vest

Pumpkin Hats for everyone! 
 I'm Poppy - my collar and my purse have Halloween polka dots.
 I'm Sally Jo - I have pretty new shoes and socks.

 Poppy has new shoes too
And nooooooooow - presenting
The Candy Corn Witches!!!
 We are all dressed in our new costumes - Candy Corn hats and dresses

 Wait - there is something missing
 Our vests with gold bows - aren't they fine?
 And our masks - so you can't tell who we are! Hey - is there someone behind us?
 Is it spooooooooky?
 Come out - come out - whoever you are!!!
 Oh - it's not spooky
 It is our new brother Donnie, in his Zorro Halloween costume.  Don't you just love a Halloween surprise??!!??
 Sally Jo
 Poppy Sunshine
Donnie - did you know that Zorro wears sneakers? 

Let's go trick-or-treating! Donnie can carry the Pumpkin for our treats.
Visit  Diane and Candy for more Halloween fun!!
and Cooking and Crafting With J and J
I used bits and pieces of different patterns to make the costumes.  It was fun, with lots of trial and error.   When Don was 7 he thought Zorro was the greatest  and wanted a Zorro costume.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Last Days of Summer

Diane and I have been sewing doll clothes all summer - we've had so much fun.  Soon we'll be showing holiday outfits for our dolls.
 Miss Poppy Sunshine is ready for those last few days of summer with her sundress and crocs.
 And a sun hat and bucket - maybe she'll head to Florida to visit Diane, where it is much warmer

If gets too chilly with the short sleeved shirt, a nice long sleeved sweater will keep things warmer.

 Maybe just as a sundress

 Oh too chilly - must have a cardigan - that's better
 Here's Miss Abigail in last week's summer dress - we just aren't ready for Autumn yet
But Sally Jo seems to be ready for Autumn - maybe we'd better get out our Autumn outfits too. 

Be sure to stop over and see what Diane has made from this fabric - it is sure to be super cute.

And be sure to visit Candy I know you'll love what she has sewn.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Bubble Dress

After a little break Diane and I are back - with dolls and their new outfits.

Ever since Abby saw this  "Bubble Dress" that Diane made she has wanted one.  This week's fabric is perfect for the dress.

 Sweet kitties in a basket - just the thing for a happy afternoon
 And dancing shoes to match the dress

 Be sure to stop over and see what Diane has made from this fabric - it is sure to be super cute.

And our friend Candy has a new blog about her dolls and this week has sewn a cute Halloween outfit for one of them - and also gives some tips on improving the dolls and their hair. Stop by and welcome her and her dolls.  I know you'll love them.