Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

We're all dressed up in our St. Patrick's Day outfits - lots of green and shamrocks.  Faith 'n Begorah 

 Some green hats - come join the party
 Would you like a mint milk shake?

 Maybe a little shopping, with our new 
bags to match our outfits

 New surfer shorts - where's the beach?
 Capris for springtime - and new white crocs
 Poppy will bake us some cookies 
in her shamrock apron
 Dance an Irish Jig!

And look what we found-a daffodil tree! 
It's a pot of gold!

                     Lots of dolls to visit today


 Apron - McCalls 6451 - bottom right
T-shirts - top left
 Skirt and bags - Simplicity 3936
Capris - Butterick 600 - top center
Pattern for Capris was adapted
to make the surfer shorts

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