Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Fashion Show

We're in a fun mood today - so let's do a year long fashion show.  Sit back and enjoy

 We're all dressed up for a day of playing together
 And then a slumber party
Abby and Poppy Sunshine are ready for any kind of weather

All dressed up for Valentines Day
 And baking cookies

 We have our garden outfits - we can trade our hats and bags
 Spring time - striped pants and sweet blouses

 Sunsuits are perfect for the warm spring days - and a sweet doll from our friend Diane
 Shorty pajamas for a springtime slumber party
 Abbey loves her new pink pinafore sundress

And a striped romper is just the thing for a day on the deck

 Poppy is ready for a warm day - or a bit of a chilly day

 Abby and our new sister, Sally Jo - dressed in music note sun dresses and hats - they like to trade too
 Let's get our hair styled - we all have new capes

 Poppy likes to travel - she has her mix-and-match wardrobe ready for any occasion 
 A reversible cape is perfect for chilly evenings while traveling

 And tea with the Queen
 Sally Jo likes to meditate on the deck with her cairns
 All decked out - on the deck - in black and white outfits

 An angel came to visit
Sally Jo and Abby are in their fancy dresses for a tea party

 It is time to begin thinking about cooler evenings - a green coat and hat will do nicely

Sally Jo wants to dress up and cook dinner for everyone - practicing for Thanksgiving
Let's make a cake 
 Poppy's jumper is perfect for those days that are not quite summer and not quite Autumn 
 And Abby has a cute Bubble Dress with matching dancing shoes
 Three friends all dressed up

 Time for Halloween. Candy Corn costumes - new Halloween outfits and a surprise - our new brother Donnie - he loves his Zorro costume

 A visit to the pumpkin patch - Donnie has a new jacket - and Sally Jo got her new wings - she says fairies don't get cold when they are flying while wearing their silver shoes

Sally Jo is out hunting for a turkey to invite to Thanksgiving dinner - she found a very friendly one

We hope you enjoyed our fashion show - do come back later for christmas fashions.

Visit Diane and Candy - lots more fun with dolls.

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