Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Looking for a Turkey

It is almost Thanksgiving and Sally Jo is on the hunt for a turkey.  
 A new Autumn outfit is perfect for the turkey hunt
 Wait - here's one - right on the table
 I got it!
 A nice head scarf for the turkey, don't you think?  Just the thing for going to Thanksgiving dinner.
 Whoa turkey - not so fast
 Let's see what's inside this turkey - hmmmm no cookies
 Maybe I could take a ride

 Let's join the Thanksgiving Day Parade
 Hi Ho Turkey - look - I can hold up the clock while riding my turkey

It is easier to hunt for ice cream dishes - they aren't so rambunctious - and I hear that there is going to be cupcakes and ice cream here tonight for a birthday party.  Want to come to a party turkey?  Next stop - Thanksgiving dinner - there's even a place set for you at the table, turkey (we're going to have ham).

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I made the turkey soup tureen in a ceramics class long, long ago in California

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