Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jammies for Clara

And now back to Clara's story.

It is almost time for Clara to leave for her trip to Denmark, where she will be a birthday surprise for Julee's great-niece.

Time for a good sleep before the big trip - do you think they will get any sleep?
 Clara needs jammies for both summer and winter in her new home
 And cute little slippers to match

 Sally Jo
 Oh - Donnie has jammies too - made by our friend Diane - he wants to come to the party too - we are having cake and ice cream later

 Let's all change into our summer jammies
 And snuggle under our quilt
 Silly Donnie - photo bombing again
 Come snuggle in Donnie - we'll have a story
Then off to bed - next day Clara will be leaving for Denmark. Good night!

Check out Diane's dolls this week
And don't forget Candy - she's always got something fun too.

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