Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - A Fairy Tale

A cute little fairy dropped by this week

A baby's first laugh drifts into the air and becomes a fairy - so each boy and girl has their own fairy to help them through their life.

 Poppy the fairy is wearing her favorite fairy dress - with fairies on the fabric

 She is thinking up good deeds to do so she can earn her wings
And she did it - good deeds always bring wings to nice little fairies.

The pattern is Simplicity 5705.  I adapted Poppy's outfit from the one on the top left.  I didn't have enough fabric so had to make the skirt differently, but love how it turned out anyway.

There are several of us who sew for our dolls and blog on Wednesdays
Stop by and see what fun and darling outfits they have sewn

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