Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summertime - And the Living is Easy

Time for more doll clothes.  Diane and I are doing a doll clothes challenge - one picks the fabric - we both make an outfit for our dolls and then the other picks a different fabric - and so on - all through the summer, and perhaps beyond.  

This time I picked a pretty striped seersucker that is perfect for summer fun.  Abigail loves her new summer romper.
 I'm so charming in my stripes and Crocs

 Turquoise Crocs are perfect for this outfit (Crocs are from - my favorite shopping site.  There are four pair to a package)
 Turquoise Crocs and a turquoise sand pail
Or it might be a berry bucket - I think I'll go find some wild blackberries.  Pie would be good.
 Let's go outdoors - summer is wonderful!
 I think they need help with their flowers - I'll pick of the ones that are not fresh any longer
 Don't you love this visor - it keeps the sun off my face and looks great.
 And I can wear pink Crocs with this sunsuit too - very fashionable!!! 

 The flowers are so pretty - I love summer.
 Teddy like flowers too - sometimes he eats them - Don't eat the flowers, Teddy.
 Decisions, decisions, which do you like best?
 Let's go Teddy - time for a hike.
 No Teddy, please don't eat the flowers - just smell them

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