Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wednesday Wee Ones - A Winter Day

We've had some snow - brrrr it has been cold - so we all got dressed up in our winter clothes.
 Abby keeps her rain coat and rain hat handy - snow often turns to rain here in NW Washington State.  Poppy and Kyla are ready for some winter fun - and look who is joining them - their new sister, Samantha.  She was a christmas gift from our Auntie Lori - Samantha hasn't seen snow before so she is very excited.

 Sally Jo and Donnie like the snow a lot.
 OH nooooooooo - the snow  is so slippery - everyone better go indoors and get warmed up.
 Poppy will make us some warm cookies - or cakes - or pies, with the new christmas gift baking set.

 Poppy is a very good baker!

 A good shopping list.
 Tarts would be good Miss Poppy - we like apple tarts best.

 Kyla likes her boots and red leggings.
 Abby has a plaid blouse and blue leggins - and good sturdy black boots
 Sally Jo like to dress up in her fancy winter outfit
 And Samantha loves her nautical outfit - complete with a ship's whistle.

 Donnie is a tough Pacific Northwester - he wears his flannel shorts and crocs all year 'round.
 Well, look here - another gift from our Auntie Jamie in West Virginia - a piano - let's all sing some songs to warm up after playing in the snow.
Donnie will play some songs for us on our new piano
 Hot chocolate is ready - who wants some hot chocolate?
 I think everyone wants some hot chocolate - it is perfect for these winter days.  And the tea set is from our Auntie Jamie too.  She finds the very best gifts.  There are some new spring clothes from Auntie Jamie that we can't wait to try on when the weather warms up.

  Diane has some christmas fun with her dolls at Little Jo's Doll Party.

Do you have a doll blog?  We'd love to share.

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