Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Summer Tea Party

I'm Abby - I have a pretty summer dress with daisies and ribbons

With bloomers to match
I think this dress is perfect for a summer party.

And I am Sally Jo - sometimes we share each other's clothes - I do like this party dress 

 We take turns wearing our pretty party dresses, don't you think this red dress is beautiful -it is made from the same pattern as the black dress
 And then we trade dresses - oops - we forgot to trade shoes
 Hmmm - that isn't right either
 There we go - perfect match
 We'd like to have a tea party - would you please come with us?

 Our new tea set is shiny and pretty
 With pink roses on the cups, saucers and plates

 We like our afternoon tea

Thank you for coming, we hope you enjoyed the tea.  Come again soon

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