Wednesday, August 17, 2016


You've heard of summer re-runs on the TV - well here is a summer re-run for Wednesday Wee Ones.  Our weather is beautiful - just the perfect time for a sweet orange sunsuit.
Sally Jo is set for adventure!
 With a sunsuit that has pretty orange buttons and a pocket
 My goodness, it is windy today
 That's better - sometimes it is hard to keep my hair tidy
 Let's build a stone cairn - I have just the stones for it
 Careful now
 One last stone
 The top stone is an unpolished agate

 I am taking a rest
 And I built another stone cairn

I got a new headband - that is going to help with the windy days.

It's been a nice day - thanks for stopping by - have you ever built a Stone Cairn?  It takes a steady hand.

Do stop by and see Diane   She has some new dollie friends and some autumn ideas.

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