Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Our Pony

Let's go out to the stable and see pony  She's been waiting for us to visit. 
How about an apple or a carrot?  Ponies love those.

Abby has a canteen in case we get thirsty
Taking care of pony is a lot of work - Donnie likes to bring her apples
Poppy has a carrot - ponies love carrots
Sally Jo will give pony a nice brushing
We all are wearing our winter plaids - it gets chilly these wintry days

Do you think pony needs a name?  We do too.  Let's have a contest - you give us ideas for names and we'll draw a winner in a few weeks - and maybe there will be a surprise for the winner (wish you could come over and ride on pony, but we'll have to settle for something we can send you in the mail.)
Pony just loves apples and carrots

Diane has some dollie fun this week too - let's all ride over and see what she has.  You know it is always a good time.

And don't forget to give us the suggestions for names for pony - she really does need a name.

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