Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Summer Clothes

Diane and I have been sewing doll clothes all summer - we've had so much fun.  Soon we'll be showing holiday outfits for our dolls.
 Miss Poppy Sunshine is ready for those last few days of summer with her sundress and crocs.
 And a sun hat and bucket - maybe she'll head to Florida to visit Diane, where it is much warmer

If gets too chilly with the short sleeved shirt, a nice long sleeved sweater will keep things warmer.

 Maybe just as a sundress

 Oh too chilly - must have a cardigan - that's better
 Here's Miss Abigail in last week's summer dress - we just aren't ready for Autumn yet
But Sally Jo seems to be ready for Autumn - maybe we'd better get out our Autumn outfits too. 

Be sure to stop over and see what Diane has made from this fabric - it is sure to be super cute.

And be sure to visit Candy I know you'll love what she has sewn.

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