Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones - Let's Go Traveling

I'm Poppy Sunshine, and I'm ready for my summer vacation. This year I'm travelling to England - and the Queen has invited me to tea.
I have my traveling wardrobe all ready to go.  I hope the Queen like green, purple and blue
I have my money for souvenirs
And have exchanged some of it for Euros, so I'll fit in
And my passport and a book for reading on the transatlantic flight
My wardrobe for traveling is interchangeable - giving me many looks with few pieces - I learned that from our blogging friend Mary.  She is from England and travels a lot.
I borrow shoes from Sally Jo - don't you think they are perfect for the trip - low heels for walking and comfy too
My skirt and blouse match

Or I can change it up with a dotted blouse
Two vests give me a lot of different looks 

I have my purse and a book to read - guess which book I'm reading.  (You can buy a real one for yourself by clicking the book just under the heading on this blog)  I highly recommend it.
 Plus another piece of my wardrobe is a cape that is reversible, in case I get chilly

I must learn to curtsy properly

Now I'd like now to show you how to make some luggage - and a few of my accessories 
First we gather together the supplies
Felt, boxes, ribbon, buttons, glue, scissors and a pencil

Take any rectangular shaped box - we used a paper clip box and a metal band aid box
Cut the colored felt to wrap around the boxes - and glue it down
Glue pieces to the top and bottom and trim to fit - be careful here - the felt likes to slide a bit (maybe we should have let it dry a little longer before we trimmed - but we are impatient)
Cut small strips of felt in a contrasting color and glue around the luggage
Next - buttons on the bottom of the luggage for wheels - mine have diamonds in the center, since I'm going to visit the Queen

A long strap makes it easier to pull the luggage along in the airport (I don't have helpers to carry my luggage like the Queen does)

For a carry-on bag roll a long strip of felt into a cylinder, glue felt circles on the ends and add straps of felt.
Now let's clean up our mess and put our supplies back where they belong - that's good!!

Afternoon tea with the Queen was delightful.
 We had fine china with roses and a lacy tablecloth

 Even proper napkin rings and a linen napkin.
 We had biscuits (that is British for cookies), small sandwiches and tarts
 We talked of Corgis, the Queen's great-grandchildren, ancient castles and the lovely scenery of England, it was a very good tea
 If you are ever in England I hope you get to have tea with the Queen
 I love my traveling wardrobe - I think the Queen was impressed too, she mentioned that she loved purple and blue.
My blouse, vest and cape
Blouse, vest, skirt and cape
 Mix and match so I get the most outfits
Have you a trip planned for this summer?  We'd love to hear all about where you are going - and if you have a special wardrobe that would be fun to see too.

Diane picked the fabrics for this week - stop over and see what she has sewn - and be sure and visit Sheila - she makes wonderful things for her dolls too.

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